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Foundation CoreSHS3DP1022

Semester and Year Offered: Semester 2

Course Coordinator and Team: CDP and PRADAN team

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Course Objectives/Description:

The aim of this course is to be immersed in a rural context and develop an in-depth critical understanding of all aspects of rural life, especially as it relates to building rapport and trust with a community. This is an open-ended immersion with emphasis on discovery and identification of issues, both internal to the learner, and in the village. It will help the learner develop an understanding of the rural across four dimensions — family and household; kinship, community, groups and village; administration, local self governance, and markets; and livelihoods, resources, and environment, including questions of inequality, discrimination, marginalization. Through a graded progression, the learner is encouraged to deepen understandings of the rural – first, through a semi-structured village stay by living with a host family, and second, through systematic village study. Supervision by the Teaching Team (Faculty and Field Guides) will help the learners identify areas that they might have overlooked, draw on what they have learnt earlier and reflect upon their own joys, sorrows, and aspirations and those of the community. This immersion experience is crucial to the self-other, elite-subaltern, researcher-community relationship.

Course Outcomes:

On successful completion of this course – which is largely experiential – students will be able to:

  1. Make sense of their ‘inner calling’ and their capacity (including resilience) to live in rural settings and work on issues of rural development or social transformation
  2. Develop the capacity to relate empathetically with rural communities
  3. Write a rigorous and well-researched study of the village
  4. Build on relationships developed in Immersion I to work towards an action research proposal in Immersion II

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  • Immersion I: Village Stay and Study (10 weeks, 2 Credits)